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Writers Boon: A Smart Publishing App That Provides Guidance, Resources and Advice to Authors and Bloggers


Publishing startup Writers Boon is shaking things up with a marketplace, roadmap, deals and reviews site where authors can find guidance and reviewed resources at great discounts. Its goal: simplify your publishing life.

There are two main things that set Writers Boon apart from other sites offering “author services:”

1. The platform is designed using world’s #1 database solution provider — Oracle. It has a highly usable interface and a powerful search engine.

2. Everything and everyone a writer would possibly need to publish and market his or her book is right here, in one place.

So, what exactly does Writers Boon do for authors?

Let’s go through some features that make this tool useful for both aspiring or experienced writers of books, magazines or web content:

1. Expert Guidance on the entire publishing and marketing process.

Writers Boon is organized on five main topics: Get Started, Write, Publish, Promote and Sell your Book. The topics represent the stages every single writer goes through.
These topics are subdivided into relevant subtopics. Each of the subtopics is then further subdivided into Experts, Tools and How-To Guides.

E.g.: the Publishing topic has subtopics such as: Editing, Translation, Graphic Design, Interior Book Design, Indexing, Printing, ISBN, Audio Books. For each subtopic there are resources: Experts, Tools and How-To Guides.

The beauty of it? Well, we think it’s obvious.
All information is organized. The well-structured hierarchy shows you the way through the maze of book publishing like never before.
Or, if you already know what you are after, you can use our powerful search engine to find whatever you are looking for.

Let’s say you want to know everything that you could possibly do to promote your book. Simply search for Promoting, drill down into related subtopics such as Content Marketing, Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing and from there you have 3 options. You can either find and hire an expert, search for How-To Guides and learn how to DIY or you can find Tools & Apps to help you with the task.

No need to hire a book expert or try figuring out on your own. It’s all in here.
Writers Boon saves you time and money.

2. Curated Directory of DIY Tools, Experts for hire, Books, Articles and Courses.

You need an editor, translator, copywriter, email expert that you can trust.
You need a useful writing software, a transcription tool, a quote generator tools, an infographic makers.
You need a good book about interior book design.
You’d like to attend a course about social media marketing.
In other words, you need resources.

Browse our Curated Directory and you’ll find reviewed resources for every publishing and marketing topic and subtopic. Everything and everyone in one place, well-organized.

To make your selection process easier, you can add notes or tag favorites. You can even message businesses and request a quote or more info. All, without leaving the platform.

3. Hot Deals on the best Experts, Guides and Tools.

We all like deals. We all want to save money.
But, in the publishing business, how do you know when a tool like Scrivener goes on sale?
One answer: Writers Boon.
Writers Boon offers you the latest hot deals on top-notch Experts, How-To Guides, and DIY Tools.
Think of it as Groupon for the publishing industry.

4. When in Doubt, Ask a Question. This is what Writers Boon Q&A section is for.

As writers and business owners we never stop asking questions. That’s how we keep learning. At Writers Boon, we make it easy to ask as many questions as you’d like. Simply, select the topic the question belongs to and ask away. The experts will answer.
Think of it as a free hotline you have with the best publishing and marketing professionals.

One last thing. How much Writers Boon costs?

Nada, Nil, Zip, Zero. It’s all free because we, at Writers Boon believe that the world needs stories. And great stories are written by writers like you.

So,  why not check this incredible, unique and easily navigable platform?

Let Writers Boon  help you.

Writers Boon

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