Switzerland: St Moritz and Luzern Must See

St Moritz

The road from Como (Italy) to St Moritz is wonderful and a true paradise for motorcycles.


Once you are in Switzerland, to be allowed to drive on hwys, you must pay the vignette which is 40 euro per year, but then there are no more tolls like in Italy 🙂
Although St Moritz is well known as being a holiday destination for rich people, I was not impressed by it.



I have spent one full day in Luzern and I found it to be more than enough.
Everywhere I went it was outrageously expensive: 50 euro for a Swiss cowbell, 700 euro the ugliest shoes I have ever seen, a more than regular jacket about 2000 euros (it must have had gold threads hidden somewhere) and even to go to the washroom costs me 1 euro. It was definitely a place for deep royal pockets.



Such prices invited cars like Maserati, Ferrari together with their poor relatives like Mercedes or BMW.

Suddenly my Mazda looked like a vintage car, Monte Carlo became cheap, and I was left wondering how people survive in such a country.

But, on the bright side of things, there was a  dedicated bike lane on every single street.

The symbol of Luzerne is a lion cut in stone which signifies the heroic death of 700 Swiss soldiers during the French Revolution.


If you are willing to pay about 100 euro to take the cable car, there are plenty of hikes you can do in the area.

I was happy to leave Swiss and  I was quite curious about Austria which proved to be way more affordable and beautiful.

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