When Friendship Marries Lust

There, at the edge of an ancient forest, surrounded by bushes of wild blueberries, in the smell of pine trees, with me dressed in a simple white dress hand-embroidered with red cotton threads, wearing traditional leather sandals tied around my feet with a long, narrow strip and a wildflower crown on my head, we said our vows:

“I cannot promise you I will love you forever and ever. Eternity is not ours to promise. But I do promise to love you each day I will tell you that.”
“Honesty! Let’s see if I can match that. I cannot promise I will make you happy. Happiness is a game of two. But I do promise I will try harder each day and if won’t succeed I will set you free.”
“Freedom! Hard one to beat! I promise to stand by you in joy and sorrow, because next to you, my nest is not a prison and I am not an inmate, but a happy traveler through life and marriage.”
“Commitment! The most difficult part for some, easy when one has you. If in heaven He is our God, on Earth you are my Goddess.”

Carol Vorvain
When Dreams are Calling

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