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When Dreams are Calling
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This is not a book. It is not a story, even. Reading When Dreams are Calling is an experience.

When Dreams are Calling will charm you from the first page until the last. It is an easy read and will force you to contemplate your own journey, your own travels, your own personal growth and achievements.
Vorvain has given Dora a witty and humorous voice which means we are constantly engaged and enthralled by her stories and her meaningful lessons she has learned about life, love and happiness. Vorvain completes our experience by handing the wheel over and asks us this vital rhetorical question: ‘Now the question is what will you do when dreams are calling. Will you pick up?’

To me, Vorvain’s story of Dora is the sound of a bell so longed for; it is time to pick it up.”
-The Australia Times Magazine, Tracie Pascoe-Lark

“A very enjoyable read full of fun, anecdotes and references to far away and exciting places. The author clearly enjoyed writing this book and it reads as an interesting travel book but more importantly as a journey through life full of lessons.”
-Sonia Campbell – Gillies

“Vorvain’s writing style is infectious, celebratory, and full of life. She sparkles.”
-Grady Harp

“A must read, especially for the dreamers in life! Don’t just dream it, live your dreams! Life won’t wait for anyone, and you won’t get what you want from life unless you take action!”
-Suzanne M

“This is a book that realizes the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Dora is on a journey, hoping that she realizes her dream, but having a great deal of fun as she goes many places, sees many things and lives life to the fullest.”
-Charles Ashbacher

“This book is great for anyone, young and old, man or woman. You can’t help but feel better after reading this book, its inspirational words and adventurous story will leave a smile on your face :).”
-Tanya M

“What motivates someone to completely uproot themselves to another country? Read When Dreams are Calling. What is one book you can read that might help you learn from other’s mistakes so that you can completely make your own creative errors of life? Read When Dreams are Calling.”
-Teri A. Davis

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