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Time to Clean Up!

Clean Up Australia Day!

Dear Ones,

I was biking the other day along YarraRiver trail, when I saw a bunch of people carrying huge garbage bags, picking up whatever others decided to dump into nature. I remembered: it was Clean Up Australia Day, a day when thousands of volunteers clean up, fix up and conserve the environment.

I joined them and helped along. The grass became greener, the beach became whiter and everyone was happy.

I went home, washed myself, cleaned up my house and my car. I threw away some oldies and kept my treasured goodies. I made room so that I could embark on a shopping spree to keep up with the delights of my present days.

And then, I wondered: why could we not have a Clean Up Memory Day? Click to Tweet
A day when we delete whatever memories drag us down and we only keep the ones that  put a smile on our faces; a day when we leave in the past what belongs to the past, and we make room in our hearts for joy, laughter and hope; a day when we keep in our lives only what is worth keeping.

Shall we make that day, today?

Till next time, stay happy!