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A “How to” guide?




What better birthday gift than a book?

For me, not much.

This year one of my presents was “The complete worst-case scenario Survival book” by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht.

The title was definitely intriguing. Wouldn’t be great if, whenever something less desirable happens, instead of saying a prayer or driving ourselves mad looking for a way out, we could all turn to a book and the right answer will reveal itself?

Those authors seemed to know it all. So, I opened the book and read the titles of the first few chapters. Here are my ideas before reading the content. Useless to say I was wrong 100%. Nevertheless, have fun:

How to survive an elephant stampede.”

     Roll over, maybe? If too late, then, don’t worry…It’s too late.

How to jump from a building into a dumpster.”

     This sounded terribly useful .Too bad it did not mention how high the building must be or even better, must not be…

How to survive if your parachute fails to open.”

     Learn how to fly?

How to survive an airplane crash.”

     Take the car. Or the boat. Or even better, stay home.

How to treat a tongue stuck to a pole.”

     With the same imagination you got it there in the first place.

How to survive if you wake up next to someone whose name you don’t remember.”

     Go back to sleep, let the body do the talking, sneak out…

How to survive awkward elevator silence.”

     Start talking, if you are a woman, this should not be an issue. But how do we survive when stuck on a Monday morning in an elevator packed with overly loud talkative people? This is the question.

Till next time, stay happy!