When Dreams are Calling by Carol Vorvain – A selection of quotes

If we juggle everything at once, we might drop the most important piece and not even notice.

Depression is not a choice, but an unwanted and predictable outcome of a series of unhappy choices.

If you are living a dream but you are still depressed, check if you are not living someone else’s dream.

There is no absolute freedom. But when we are the ones choosing our confinements, then we feel free.

You stop living when you stop challenging yourself.

Only when you will respect others’ journeys, you will be ready to start your own.

Never let a true friend go. You might never find another.

If you are extraordinary today it’s only because someone extraordinary believed in you.

Keep your goals constant, but always be willing to change your approach.

Nobody likes lawyers, but everyone feels like they should be the judge.

Pouring all your passion into one area of your life is a bit like playing Russian roulette. If you cannot stand to lose everything, then it is wrong for you to play it.

Isn’t it ironic that with a “stallion” you cannot have a “stable” relationship?


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