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A Fool in Istanbul, Adventures of a self denying workaholic. By Carol Vorvain. Excerpt

CHAPTER 14 My dearest Zoey, Won’t you tell me the meaning of this distance? The meaning of[…]

Moorea, Tahiti

Why Not? The island where happiness starts with a question. By Carol Vorvain. Excerpt.

A machete unexpectedly prompts a visit to the local church ~ Local delicacy: rotting fish ~ Love[…]

When Dreams are Calling. By Carol Vorvain. Excerpt.

CHAPTER 31 – A Knot, Some Words and We’re All Done First they were two: Adam and[…]

When Dreams are Calling by Carol Vorvain – A selection of quotes

There is no absolute freedom. But when we are the ones choosing our confinements, then we feel[…]

Love goes round and round and around. The Asian kingdom where polyandry is still alive.

What is polyandry? Well, polyandry is a form of polygamy where a group of men, usually brothers,[…]

Ema Datshi – Delicious Memories From the Himalayas. Featured in Tashi Delek magazine.

Love Letter to the Bhutanese Ema Datshi My love, Life is a string of things that end[…]

The Power of the Penis

The penis, a “ridiculous petitioner,” as the novelist William Gass has called it, “unreliable, though everything depends[…]

Love Letter to Europe

My love, What makes a trip wonderful? What makes a day beautiful? What makes our life happy?[…]

A Day in Melbourne, Australia

Let me show you Melbourne, the world’s most livable city. Dear Ones, We all love traveling and[…]

One week in Istanbul

Istanbul – the only city in the world on two continents, a place where Christians meet Muslims,[…]

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