Paris, the city of love?

It might be called the city of love. It might be called the city of lights. It[…]

5+1 Unique Bhutanese Experiences

#1. EAT RED RICE Not the white or brown or even black rice you are used to,[…]

Goedemorgen Den Haag!

Or Good morning Hague! No matter how difficult is for one to learn to write Dutch, it[…]


If the Hague is the legal capital of the world, Amsterdam is the gay capital of the[…]

4 Days in Bangkok

Before we arrive to a new place, we love to picture in our mind how that place[…]

Paradise Found: Titicaca Lake

I travel not to see a particular place. I travel not to count countries and brag about[…]

Las Torres Hotel, Patagonia

When in Patagonia do as seasoned travelers do: choose Las Torres Hotel. Why? There are so many[…]

Alice Springs, Kings Canyon and Uluru. One Week in the Australian wilderness.

They say the best things in life are free, they happen when you least expect and can[…]

Romania: the wow factor!

I say Romania. You say Nadia Comaneci, Hagi or Ilie Nastase. But Romania is so much than[…]

Cinque Terre and Lake Como. Tips and photos.

Bongiorno Italy! Hello expensive 50 euro tolls! #1 Cinque Terre White nights in La Spezia, Cinque Terre.[…]

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