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Writers Boon – The Only Discount Marketplace for Writers


Writers Boon is shaking things up with a discount marketplace, roadmap, deals and reviews site where authors can find guidance and reviewed resources at great discounts. Its goal: simplify your publishing and book marketing life.

There are two main things that set Writers Boon apart from other sites offering “author services:”

1. The platform is designed using world’s #1 database solution provider — Oracle. It has a highly usable interface and a powerful search engine.

2. Everything and everyone a writer would possibly need to publish and market his or her book is right here, in one place.

So, what exactly does Writers Boon do for authors?

Let’s go through some features that make this tool useful for both aspiring or experienced writers of books, magazines or web content:

1. Expert Guidance on the entire publishing and marketing process.

Writers Boon is organized in five main topics: Get Started, Write, Publish, Promote and Sell your Book. The topics represent the stages every single writer goes through.
These topics are subdivided into relevant subtopics. Each of the subtopics is then further subdivided into Experts, Tools and How-To Guides.

E.g. the Publishing topic has subtopics such as: Editing, Translation, Graphic Design, Interior Book Design, Indexing, Printing, ISBN, Audio Books. For each subtopic there are resources: Experts, Tools, Courses and Books.

The beauty of it? Well,  it’s obvious.
All information is organized. The well-structured hierarchy shows you the way through the maze of book publishing like never before.
Or, if you already know what you are after, you can use our powerful search engine to find whatever you are looking for.

Let’s say you want to know everything that you could possibly do to promote your book. Simply search for Promoting, drill down into related subtopics such as Content Marketing, Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing and from there you have 3 options. You can either find and hire an expert, search for How-To Guides and learn how to DIY or you can find Tools & Apps to help you with the task.

No need to hire a book expert or try figuring out on your own. It’s all in here.
Writers Boon saves you time and money.

2. Curated Directory of DIY Tools, Experts for hire, Books, Articles and Courses at discount prices.

You need an editor, translator, copywriter, email expert that you can trust.
You need a useful writing software, a transcription tool, a quote generator tools, an infographic makers.
You need a good book about interior book design.
You’d like to attend a course about social media marketing.
In other words, you need resources. But, you don’t want to spend too much money.

Browse Writers Boon Curated Directory and you’ll find reviewed resources for every publishing and marketing topic and subtopic. Everything and everyone in one place, well-organized and at discount prices. The professionals on Writers Boon offer up to 50% on their regular fees. You will find the same editor you find on Fiverr or any other platform only that this time he or she will offer you a big discount.

To make your selection process easier, you can add notes or tag favorites. You can even message businesses and request a quote or more info. All, without leaving the platform.

3. Hot Deals on the best Experts, Guides and Tools.

We all like deals. We all want to save money.
But, in the publishing business, how do you know when a tool like Scrivener goes on sale?
One answer: Writers Boon.
Writers Boon offers you the latest hot deals on top-notch Experts, How-To Guides, and DIY Tools.
Think of it as Groupon for the publishing industry.

4. When in Doubt, Ask a Question. This is what Writers Boon Q&A section is for.

As writers and business owners we never stop asking questions. That’s how we keep learning. At Writers Boon, we make it easy to ask as many questions as you’d like. Simply, select the topic the question belongs to and ask away. The experts will answer.
Think of it as a free hotline you have with the best publishing and marketing professionals.

5. Free Book Discoverability Tools

Writers Boon offers 3 free book promo tools any writer can use: Quozimus, InBookish and Pinnisbook.

6. All the info writers need to know to sell their books to libraries. 

With thousands of worldwide libraries there is really no reason why an author should not consider selling their books to libraries. Libraries also pay you for being part of library events and they are great venues for book marketing.

So,  why not check this incredible, unique and easily navigable platform?

Read more on Writers Boon and what the platform can do for your writing career.

Writers Boon

International Traveller magazine

When Dreams are Calling Featured In The International Traveller Magazine

Great news !

The chapter on Peru in my book When Dreams are Calling has been featured in the Nov-Dec 2015 issue of International Traveller magazine – the highest selling travel magazine in Australia. You can buy the magazine at any newsstand in Australia or buy the book here or on Amazon and read more on Dora’s travels.

International Traveller magazineSerenity LakeSerenity Lake 

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The Virtue of Silence – Quotes to Remember

Silence is a true friend who never betrays.
― Confucius

We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out…
― Winston Churchill

There are times when silence is the best way to yell at the top of your voice.
― O. A. Battista

Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.
― Abraham Lincoln

Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence
― Mandy Hale

There is so much you can hear in the silence
― Carol Vorvain, When Dreams are Calling

When Friendship Marries Lust

There, at the edge of an ancient forest, surrounded by bushes of wild blueberries, in the smell of pine trees, with me dressed in a simple white dress hand-embroidered with red cotton threads, wearing traditional leather sandals tied around my feet with a long, narrow strip and a wildflower crown on my head, we said our vows:

“I cannot promise you I will love you forever and ever. Eternity is not ours to promise. But I do promise to love you each day I will tell you that.”
“Honesty! Let’s see if I can match that. I cannot promise I will make you happy. Happiness is a game of two. But I do promise I will try harder each day and if won’t succeed I will set you free.”
“Freedom! Hard one to beat! I promise to stand by you in joy and sorrow, because next to you, my nest is not a prison and I am not an inmate, but a happy traveler through life and marriage.”
“Commitment! The most difficult part for some, easy when one has you. If in heaven He is our God, on Earth you are my Goddess.”

Carol Vorvain
When Dreams are Calling

When Dreams are Calling – Goodreads Giveaway


Are you on Goodreads?

If yes, click here to enter Goodreads Giveaway for a chance to win one FREE copy of When Dreams are Calling – a deeply touching story about the power of our dreams.
Open for entries from Jul 26 to Aug 03, 2014.


“This is a book that realizes the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Dora is on a journey, hoping that she realizes her dream, but having a great deal of fun as she goes many places, sees many things and lives life to the fullest. Even when Dora is experiencing a failure the reader can remain a bit jealous because she is doing so in a grand and glorious manner, not as a passive object accepting of the world.” – C Ashbacher

“Carol Vorvain’s wisdom seeped a little into my life as well, precisely when I needed it most! When I was feeling pretty lousy, When Dreams are Calling injected me with a much-awaited dose of optimism and faith in who I am, what I’m hoping for and what I’m dreaming of!” – Loredana Malic

“It’s a story that applies to most of us… unsettling and willing to accomplish our dreams, the book will give us the great advantage of being able to respond to the opportunities that arise in our life.” – EmilM

Goodreads Book Giveaway

When Dreams are Calling by Carol Vorvain

When Dreams are Calling

by Carol Vorvain

Giveaway ends August 03, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win


Cote D’Azur


After a 3 hours delay, with my luggage completely soaked and swearing I will never fly Blue Air again (worst company ever) I arrived in Nice.
The condo I have booked is up in the hills, quiet, with a large sunny terrace and has the best bed I have slept in since leaving Melbourne, which is so important when travelling for so long.

I have always thought that best things in life are quite basic and they set up your mood for anything else which hopefully you might want to accomplish.

So, the first glass of wine was dedicated to my host and his amazing bed!


What I liked in Nice is their public transport system: one tram only, comfortable, new, and cheap (1.5 euro per trip or 15 euro unlimited trips for 7 days).
Then, there is the French, kissing and hugging everywhere, making me wonder what more should I expect in Paris, the true city of love. I was just hoping it is contagious.
If you are a worldwide person, like I surely am, then in Place Massena, which is a Mecca in disguise as everything seems to be found in this place, you can admire the 7 statues representing the 7 continents. They are truly nice surrounded by very old buildings, restaurants, sculptures and the famous La Fayette galleries.

Place Massena

Place Massena

I am no fan of old castles, but what I like about them is, that most of the time, they seem to be strategically placed so you can have a 360 degree view over the city. In Nice, things get even better. The Castle Hill is not anymore a castle, but a park and a botanical garden where, in the shade of old olive trees, you can admire the whole Nice. If you are fit you can take the stairs or if you are still fit, but lazy, like I usually am, you can take the automatic elevator. With one look only with no need to touch the buttons, the elevator will stop and take you high up in this cool oasis where kids play, old people sleep, energetic fellows go boxing, or the lucky in love ones express their overwhelming emotions.

Nice port

Nice port

Castle Hill

Castle Hill

It is futile to say justice does not exist, we all experience that and we all hate lawyers for lying to us it does exist. But, I have to admit that all the Palaces of Justice I have visited in Europe are beautifully decorated buildings and although you do not want to be inside, it is definitely worth admiring them from outside. The one in Nice makes no exception.
Nice is noisy and there is no debate about that. So, for the first time I really enjoyed stepping into Catholic cathedrals. The one I liked the most is Church of Jesus (Eglise du Gesu) found in the old part of the city (vieux Nice).

By coincidence, I was in Nice during Le Tour de France. The main roads were closed, transport was hectic, but at night the whole city was celebrating the event with fireworks, parties on the beach and live music everywhere you went.

The narrow streets of Nice

The narrow streets of Nice



I got to Cannes by train in 50 minutes. You can also take the bus for 1.5 euro. However, it will take 1.5 hour and it will stop every 5 meters trying your patience. Mine is already limited, so I skipped the experience on the return trip.
The Palace de Festivals with the famous red carpet was closed until October and the building itself is old and very unimpressive.

Palace de Festivals

Palace de Festivals

The movie stars left their mark on the city and all the stores are terribly expensive and terribly empty.

Gare Routiere

Gare Routiere


Cannes Beach

Cannes Beach


The history of this tiny place begins 700 years ago with the Grimaldi family saga which still rules the country. Its red and white flag is actually the flag of the Grimaldi family since the Middle Ages.
From Nice, by train, for 3.5 euro in 20 minutes you are in Monaco. And you will know you are there when you will see luxurious yachts, Ferraris and Mercedes everywhere you look. Money, money, money, it’s a rich men’s world, Abba’s song must have originated here. The properties listed on real estate have no price and no address. The streets are immaculate with toilets at every corner, newspapers are in English, French and Russian same as I assume the nationalities of the owners of those men’s toys.


Monaco has only 7500 citizens, the rest of the people being just residents. There is no income, business or property tax and the rich just get richer.
If the love mood might be contagious in Nice, I was wondering whether the wealth in Monaco is also contagious. But, in the end, like all sound minded people say, we should pray for health, a good family and a long life. What else is left, I wondered 🙂
The Prince’s Palace can be visited and at 11:55 AM, people gather in the plaza in front of the palace to watch the change of the guard.

Change of Guard

Change of Guard

Prince Palace

Prince Palace

The Cathedral, where the members of the royal family are wed and buried, has a beautiful organ and it is a must see.





The Opera building overlooking the golf of Monte Carlo was designed by the famous architect Charles Garnier and it is a majestic place.



Behind it is the Casino. When I was there, all the tourists were keen to take a picture with the Ferrari parked in front of it, and less with the Casino itself. The atmosphere became even more heated when the proud owner of the car came out and it was just hilarious to see the disappointed faces of the ones who were too late to get a picture right next to the most wanted car in the neighborhood.

Just another car..

Just another car..

The gardens surrounding the Casino are exquisite and one sculpture portrays Adam and Eva as obese, naked and very much in love. Is there a nexus which I miss? Only an artist could tell.

Adam and Eve in all their glory

Adam and Eve in all their glory


The Japanese Gardens in Monaco are small and quite disappointing So, I will just stick with Jardins Saint Martin next to the Cathedral.
It is lovely just to walk around the narrow streets of Monaco, look at the houses, have lunch, and simply dream. You certainly can find many things to dream about in a city like this.


But, at the end of the day, Monaco is the rich people playground, and after a long day of walking a simple girl like me was happy to return to Nice to her simple pleasure: my wonderful bed and another good night sleep.

Thank you: Some final recognition :)

Thank you: Some final recognition 🙂

Let me show you Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city. Just watch the video!

Dear Ones,

We all love traveling and we all love holidays. But what can we do when we’re stuck at home? Simple: pretend to be a tourist in our own city.

There are so many hidden gems waiting for us to be discovered, so many artists we still don’t know anything about, so many little restaurants where besides enjoying great food we can also make a great friend. It’s easy, it’s affordable and it can be more fun than one would expect. So, let’s get a fresh perspective. Let’s turn that old, same thing into a new, exciting adventure. Let’s walk around and marvel at the city we live in.

I will take you on a tour around Melbourne, my home. Just watch the video.

And then, please tell me: what do you love about your city?

Till next time, stay happy!


Time to Clean Up!

Clean Up Australia Day!

Dear Ones,

I was biking the other day along YarraRiver trail, when I saw a bunch of people carrying huge garbage bags, picking up whatever others decided to dump into nature. I remembered: it was Clean Up Australia Day, a day when thousands of volunteers clean up, fix up and conserve the environment.

I joined them and helped along. The grass became greener, the beach became whiter and everyone was happy.

I went home, washed myself, cleaned up my house and my car. I threw away some oldies and kept my treasured goodies. I made room so that I could embark on a shopping spree to keep up with the delights of my present days.

And then, I wondered: why could we not have a Clean Up Memory Day? Click to Tweet
A day when we delete whatever memories drag us down and we only keep the ones that  put a smile on our faces; a day when we leave in the past what belongs to the past, and we make room in our hearts for joy, laughter and hope; a day when we keep in our lives only what is worth keeping.

Shall we make that day, today?

Till next time, stay happy!


A “How to” guide?




What better birthday gift than a book?

For me, not much.

This year one of my presents was “The complete worst-case scenario Survival book” by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht.

The title was definitely intriguing. Wouldn’t be great if, whenever something less desirable happens, instead of saying a prayer or driving ourselves mad looking for a way out, we could all turn to a book and the right answer will reveal itself?

Those authors seemed to know it all. So, I opened the book and read the titles of the first few chapters. Here are my ideas before reading the content. Useless to say I was wrong 100%. Nevertheless, have fun:

How to survive an elephant stampede.”

     Roll over, maybe? If too late, then, don’t worry…It’s too late.

How to jump from a building into a dumpster.”

     This sounded terribly useful .Too bad it did not mention how high the building must be or even better, must not be…

How to survive if your parachute fails to open.”

     Learn how to fly?

How to survive an airplane crash.”

     Take the car. Or the boat. Or even better, stay home.

How to treat a tongue stuck to a pole.”

     With the same imagination you got it there in the first place.

How to survive if you wake up next to someone whose name you don’t remember.”

     Go back to sleep, let the body do the talking, sneak out…

How to survive awkward elevator silence.”

     Start talking, if you are a woman, this should not be an issue. But how do we survive when stuck on a Monday morning in an elevator packed with overly loud talkative people? This is the question.

Till next time, stay happy!


One Week In Cuba

Travel far and travel wide, 
Leave your worries far behind, 
Royal Palms, a strong Mojito, 
A cigar or a burrito,
Hemingway and Bienvenido. 

When I write I feel happy and lucky. Happy to have met so many wonderful people and lucky to have seen so many wonderful places.

I went to Cuba on a seven day holiday like most Canadians do when winter hits again. Cuba – a cozy place only for Canadians.No Americans.J

I decided to travel Cuban style, meaning cheap: 800$ for flights and a week in the all inclusive resort,The Brisas del Caribe. However, I had a great time.

The resort was old, but clean; the simplicity of the furniture was combined with the smiles of everyone around; the Mojito was terrible, but the guy who was playing piano was great; the food was scarce, but the live Cuban music on the beach was amazing.

The Cuban men were very open and generous with their services (the main reason for which women go to Cuba alone), but somehow their humour and natural way amused me instead of bothering me. One morning while I was walking along the beach the guy at the bar offered me a flower and a CD with Cuban music.

As ironic and hard to believe as it seems Cuban people are happy. Could the American people say the same?

The perfect example came one morning when I decided to go and see Havana. Easier said than done. I did not want to drive alone in Havana. After meeting a curious Canadian guy about 50 years of age who had to ask his father’s permission to leave the resort, I thought it was all in vain and Havana was not in the cards. That’s when I have met my new Cuban friend. She was working at the rental office. Without thinking twice she simply said:

“You want to go to Havana? No problems. I close the office and we go together. We will have a great time and don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything.”

Right…For a second my mind could not process the information: she had a job to do and she was the one and only person in the rental office. She must be joking…

But, she was not. And here we were, both of us driving to see the beauty of Havana. If that’s not freedom, I don’t know what it is. Being irresponsible? Well, perhaps that too…

She had two tapes with American songs and, in no time, she was singing out loud, trying desperately to dance as much as the limited space in the car allowed her.

She talked to me about everything that was going on in her life. And when I say everything, I mean everything. She left nothing out. So, here I was listening how good is to make love with your husband not less than three times a day in a tiny room on a tiny bed made out of wood with no mattress on top. She was so proud of her house, so happy with her loving husband, so grateful for her job. Her world was perfect. Her only biggest fear was that one day one her kids, fool enough, will want to leave Cuba and go to America.

We had a great time together walking around the old part of Havana. Her genuine excitement and good vibes were intoxicating. 

On the way back, she invited me into her home and for a few hours, she made me feel so warm and welcomed as if I was visiting my parents’ home. 

I wish I could see once, in a western society, a stranger who will do that for anyone. Her open heart, warmth, generosity, sense of humour and kindness will always be with me reminding me that it is not the place where we live but the people we share our life with.

Her daily prayer was quite simple:

God I ask you to give me wisdom to understand my man, enough love to forgive him, patience with his anger and frustrations, because God if you don’t give me those I will kill him.

You can read more on my adventures and life lessons in Cuba in my book, When Dreams are Calling. The book has been featured in numerous travel magazines in Australia and around the world. 

Grocery Store in Havana

Grocery Store in Havana


The words are more powerful than any punishment

The words are more powerful than any punishment

Me and my happy friend

Me and my happy friend